• First Breath
      Victor Williams & Gregor Mans in "First Breath"

      First Breath

      Directed & Produced by Jimmy Georgiades

      Written & Produced by Eric Lane

      Starring: Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Victor Williams (The King of Queens), Kelly Karbacz

      First Breath premiered at British Film Institute and screened in over 40 cities worldwide. It won Best Short Film in the Long Island International Film Expo. Produced by Orange Thoughts Productions. 35mm / color / 19 minutes.


      A high school girl prepares for her prom, when her life unexpectedly crosses with a garbage man who discovers a baby in the trash by her home. Their surprising journey together subtly explores the purpose we are born with – starting with an infant's first breath.

    • Cater-Waiter
      David Drake & Tim Deck in "Cater-Waiter"


      Written, Produced & Directed by Eric Lane

      Nancy Schreiber, A.S.C. – Director of Photography

      Starring: David Drake, Tim Deak, John Kelly and Lisa Kron


      The story of two gay waiters at a Republican fundraiser. Covering the same party four years in a row, Cater-Waiter centers on a varied lot of aspiring artists trying to maintain their dignity in the face of a survival job. Praised by the British Film Institute as "a masterpiece of bittersweet understatement," the film is a gentle combination of humor and poignancy. 

    • Carly (CBS-TV)

      Eric worked as a writer on the 20th Century Fox / CBS-TV pilot Carly. Eric worked with the show's creator Jeffrey Klarik (Episodes), and writers David Crane (Friends), Andy Gordon and Eileen Conn (Just Shoot Me).

    • Ryan's Hope (ABC-TV)

      Eric's first job in NYC was as Staff Writer on ABC-TV's daytime drama, Ryan's Hope, for which he received a Whiter's Guild Award.