John Kelly on the film set of "Cater-Waiter"


    • IBIS

      "The plays are as clever and digestible as they are thought-provoking."
      - The New York Times. See full article HERE

      "Ibis leaves us with a sense of magic and mystery.”
      – THEATERMANIA. Full article HERE

      The best of the three is Lane’s Ibis, a clever parody of Raymond Chandler / Dashiell Hammett detective stories. … Lane’s dialogue between Tyrone and Sam is diverting and sharp.” 

      “Lane’s work is suffused with a haunting strangeness… this is the play that will stick most deeply in my memory.” 
      - Plays to See. International Reviews. Full article HERE 

      "A trio of solidly crafted and adventurous entries. Ibis by Eric Lane, weaves an intriguing tapestry out of the traditions of film noir and naturalistic family drama... A Billy Wilderesque dark elegance ... played with moving honesty." 
      - Theater Reviews by Ethan Kanfer. Full article HERE

      “With cleverly constructed dialogueIbis begins as a mystery in the style of film noir and ends like a Hemingway short story.”
      - Off Off Online. Full article HERE

      Humor and pathos are gracefully layered in three shorts … Crisply written and acted, fragile human moments are portrayed with delicacy and freshness in each piece. It makes a moving and entertaining evening at 59E59 Theatres.
      - Berkshire Fine Arts. Full article HERE

      "With the finest writing, directing, and acting, Summer Shorts 2018 offers something for many theatrical tastes... It is an outstanding opportunity to be engaged by great shows that are now emerging on the theatre scene.”
      - Broadway World Review. Full article HERE


      “Bold, quirky, and intelligent, Filming O’Keeffe will engage and amaze on as many levels as an audience will allow. Stieglitz and O’Keeffe would smile upon it.” 
      –Metroland. Full article HERE

      “A strong, compelling production that, while being an excellent evening of theater in its own right, is also a testament to the value of regional theater companies’ creation of new work.[…] “Filming O’Keeffe feels fresh and satisfying; it’s truly about something, and it has something to say.
      –Albany Times Union. Full article HERE

      "New play not to be missed." "It's a small, perfect jewel of a production. Running at barely over an hour and 20 minutes, every minute has to count, and it absolutely does. The big ideas that playwright Eric Lane packs into such a seemingly small show are beautiful and thought provoking.”
      Year’s Top Ten
      –The Daily Gazette. Full article HERE

      “One of the great takeaways from this play is how deeply original the characters are, what sticking power each has, how complete the portrayals.”
      –The Chronicle

      Filming O’Keeffe is a play about ideas. That it succeeds as drama is a tribute to the actors, to director Martha Banta, and, of course, to playwright Eric Lane.”
      –Lake George Mirror


      "Truly a treat... The beauty of Lane’s work isn’t to be missed."
       The Public Reviews.  Full Article HERE

      "Most impressive... Poignant... Evocative... Heartbreaking."
      - TheaterScene

      Riverbed took the fullest advantage of its theatrical medium, combining lighting, abstract blocking, poetic text, and a sound-scape to tell its story.”
       Stage Buddy.  Full Article HERE

    • RIDE

      “There is only one word to describe the play, Ride making its debut at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater: brilliant.”

      “Every single aspect of the play is pitch perfect, from the incredibly witty and heartfelt script to the extreme talent of the three young actresses who offer mesmerizing performances.”

      “It is an incredibly moving and hilarious script and Walker’s pacing keeps the audience engaged every second of the play.”
      –The Cape Code Times. Full article HERE

      “Eric Lane has written a beautiful, powerful play about love, loss, obligation, friendship and family. Each character’s dialogue is absolutely on target, modern, honest, authentic, warm and humorous.”
      –The Cape Cod Chronicle


      "Part 349: Eric Lane”
      By Adam Szymkowicz HERE


      Hear of the City is also buoyed by its palpably benign worldview. Unlike many social mosaics, it does not, for once, amount to a blunt condemnation of urban existence. How refreshing.”
      –The New York Times

      Eric Lane writes a play like a magic lantern; Ingmar Bergman’s magic lantern. Real people crisscross everywhere, like beating hearts, behind the characters in “Hear of the City.” The whole play jolts into life, like an unforeseen synthesizing burst of electricity.”
      –The Villager. Full article HERE

      “There are moments of insight, compassion, and wisdom – and they’re all illuminated by the energetic cast.”

      “The actors give impeccable performances under Martha Banta’s brisk direction.”
      –Back Stage

      Strong, searching women are at the core of ‘Heart.”
      –The Villager


      “The play is entertaining, absorbing and deeply moving. You’ll love it.”
      –The Post Star

      “The second act – with the older, wiser Doris clandestinely meeting a young man at a carnival – is dazzling old-fashioned theater, all words and gestures and genuine drama. […] Doris’s begrudging pity on the boy is almost – almost – as wrenching as Rose-of-Sharon’s pity for a dying man in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.
      –The Times Union

      Times of War is at times brilliant. This is theater worth seeing.”

      Times of War offers a phenomenal opportunity for an actress to show her talent.”
      –The Record

    • CATER-WAITER play

      “Eric Lane’s clever and funny enough to set off heavy themes (grief, devastation, loss) with wicked laughs and spritzy wit. Irresistibly Feiffer-esque.”
      –The Village Voice

      “The play is both poignant and hilarious with a tour de force role for an actor.
      –Back Stage

      “A very touching love story. We loved it!”
      –It’s a Wonderful Life

    • CATER-WAITER film

      “Twenty-seven gay men and three lesbians serve the hors d’oeuvres in Cater-Waiter, a masterpiece of bittersweet understatement, which poignantly locates the pleasures and pains of two waiters surviving in the face of a Republican fund-raiser.”
      –British Film Institute

      Funny and charming.”
      –HX Magazine

      (Recommended) …And the best of the lotCater-Waiter begins with a hilarious Biblical explanation of the origins of catering, then follows a group of waiter-slash-actors as they work a series of parties for Reganesque Republicans in the late ‘80s. Sly, funny, even romantic, with a cast full of familiar names from NY’s gay theater crowd (including David Drake and Lisa kroon), the film turns a corner you may not expect and ends up packing a wallop.”
      –Philadelphia City Paper, Coverstory