1-Act Plays

    IBIS in Summer Shorts at 59E59 (photo by Carol Rosegg)
    IBIS with Harold Surratt & Deandre Sevon (photo: Carol Rosegg)


    "The plays are as clever and digestible as they are thought-provoking." - The New York Times LINK
    “With cleverly constructed dialogue… Ibis begins as a mystery in the style of film noir and ends like a Hemingway short story.” - Off Off Online LINK
    “Lane’s work is suffused with a haunting strangeness… this is the play that will stick most deeply in my memory.” - Plays to See. International Reviews LINK
    "Ibis leaves us with a sense of magic and mystery.” - TheaterMania LINK
    Premiere: Summer Shorts at 59E59 LINK
    Directed by Terry Lyn Berliner
    With Lindsey Broad, Deandre Sevon, Harold Surratt
    Ty has been haunted by the disappearance of his father ever since Victor abandoned his family 20 years ago. But when he hires a no-nonsense female detective to solve the mystery and track Victor down, the answers she uncovers add up in ways that even Ty never could have predicted. (Cast: 1F/2M)

    RIVERBED with Miriam Silverman & Adam Green (photo by Carol Rosegg)
    RIVERBED with Miriam Silverman & Adam Green (photo: Carol Rosegg)


    “The beauty of Lane’s work isn’t to be missed.” - The Public Reviews
    Premiere: Summer Shorts at 59E59 LINK
    Directed by Matthew Rauch
    With Miriam Silverman & Adam Green
    A lyrical drama about a married couple that experiences an intense loss and their struggle to find their way back to each other. (Cast: 1F/1M)

    DANCING ON CHECKERS' GRAVE with Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris & Jenny Gammello
    DANCING ON CHECKERS' GRAVE with Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris & Jenny Gammello


    Published by Playscripts LINK
    Youth Award, Dylan Thomas Theatre, Wales Best Play, Love Creek Gay Festival, NYC
    Premiere: St. Mark’s Church, NYC
    Starring Jennifer Aniston
    Lisa and Dina meet a pet cemetery at the grave of Richard Nixon’s dog, Checkers, to work on a high school English composition. When Lisa convinces Dina to join her on an imaginary car ride, both girls reveal their fears and emotions in a way they never thought possible. (Cast: 2F) 

    Early Morning by playwright Eric Lane in Times of War


    Published in Times of War (Dramatic Publishing) LINK
    Published in Best American Short Plays 2008-2009 (Applause Books) LINK
    Premiere: Adirondack Theatre Festival (as part of the full-length Times of War)
    When Doris’s grandson dies under mysterious circumstances, a detective pursues a cat-and-mouse investigation to uncover the truth. (Cast: 1F/1M)

    Glass Stirring by playwright Eric Lane with Jed Diamond
    GLASS STIRRING with Jed Diamond


    PST Play Festival at Milwaukee Rep (2nd Place)
    Premiere: Nikolais-Louis ChoreoSpace, NYC
    Four monologues comprise this lyrical drama about a family navigating the challenges in WWII America. (Cast: 2F/2M)

    Crunchy Apples: A Kid's Musical by playwright Eric Lane
    CRUNCHY APPLES: A Musical for Kids & Their Parents


    A Musical for Kids & Their Parents
    Book, Music & Lyrics
    Premiere: Symphony Space, NYC
    The adventures of Vince, a boy with a very loud voice as he discovers where he fits in the world. (Cast: 1F/1M/3 musicians, a larger cast is also possible)