Full-Length Plays

    Filming O'KeeffePerformances in MA, NJ, NY, NM, VT


    “Bold, quirky, and intelligent. Stieglitz and O’Keeffe would smile upon it." - Metroland
    “New play not to be missed. A small perfect jewel… Beautiful and thought-provoking.” Year’s Top Ten – Daily Gazette LINK
    “A testament to the value of regional theater companies’ creation of new work.” – Albany Times Union LINK
    Published by Dramatists Play Service LINK
    Premiere: Adirondack Theatre Festival LINK
    Directed by Martha Banta
    Performances in MA, NJ, NY, NM, VT
    Workshops: A.T.F. and W.H.A.T.
    A contemporary story set on the grounds of the former home of artists Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe. A mother and son clash as the teenager uncovers his parents' hidden past. Commissioned by the A.T.F. Founders Fund for New Work. (Cast: 2F/2M)

    RIDE at WHAT (premiere)
    RIDE at WHAT (premiere)


    "Brilliant. An incredibly moving and hilarious script.”- Cape Cod Times
    Published by Dramatists Play Service LINK
    Premiere: Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre
    Directed by Daisy Walker
    Performances across the U.S.
    Three teenage girls hit the road in search of life beyond rural New Jersey. From vacant farm stands and roadside motels to the wonders of the universe, their fast-paced journey leads to unmapped discoveries. (Cast: 3F)

    Heart of the City
    HEART OF THE CITY at Theatre at 30th St. (premiere)


    “How refreshing!” –The New York Times 
    Published by Playscripts: LINK
    Premeire: Theatre at 30th St., NYC
    Directed by Martha Banta
    Produced by Fern Kershon & Orange Thoughts Productions
    A valentine to the joys and challenges of contemporary life—from a woman on the ultimate date-from-hell; to a mismatched romance on the Brooklyn IRT; to a couple hoping to conceive a child; plus a lesson on the proper way to make a Matzo ball. This new play artfully combines humor, joy, sorrow, love and romance as it takes you on a dazzling ride of the heart. (Cast: 3F/3M, may be performed by a larger cast)

    FLOATING at Raven Theatre (workshop)
    FLOATING at Raven Theatre (workshop)


    Winner: Raven Theatre [Working Title]
    Finalist: PlayPenn, Hope & Optimism on Stage,
    Multistages, Berkshire Playwrights Lab
    Workshop: Raven Theatre (Chicago)
    Readings: Azuka Theatre (Phila.)
    Orange Thoughts at New School for Drama
    and The Barrow Group Studios 
    This award-winning play tracks the stories of three families — a Jewish family, an African-American family and a young married couple — each facing a life-changing moment. From a son’s visit to his aging Jewish parents, to the search for a missing father, to the path to forgiveness, this lyrical drama explores our need for connection in today’s fragmented world. (Cast: 3F/5M)

    TIMES OF WAR at ATF (premiere)
    TIMES OF WAR at ATF (premiere)


    “The play is entertaining, absorbing and deeply moving.  You’ll love it.”­ – The Post Star
    Published by Dramatic Publishing LINK 
    Berrilla Kerr Playwriting Award
    O’Neil National Playwrights Conference Finalist
    Grants: The Puffin Foundation, Pilgrim Project, Maurer Family Foundation, Jonathan Larson Foundation.
    Premiere: Adirondack Theatre Festival 
    Directed by Martha Banta
    Times of War tells the story of one woman’s struggles, set against the backdrop of four wars-from World War II to the present. This award-winning drama examines the changing American landscape over the past half century. (Cast:  3F/2M, all perform multiple roles)

    CATER-WAITER at HERE (premiere)
    CATER-WAITER at HERE (premiere)


    Wicked laughs and spritzy wit. Irresistibly Feifferesque.”- The Village Voice
    “Poignant and hilarious.” – Back Stage
    Berrilla Kerr Playwriting Award
    Premiere: HERE, NYC
    Directed by Martha Banta
    A moving comedy about two gay waiters who meet at a Republican fund-raiser. (Cast: 4M)

    Shellac by Eric Lane


    Readings: Orange Thoughts at MCC, Dixon Place, Abingdon Theatre
    Starring Lynn Cohen (Sex & The City), Vinnie Pastore (The Sopranos), Sherri Parker Lee 
    When Georgie marries Angie, he winds up with way more than he bargained for. A raw, sexual dark comedy. (Cast: 3F/2M)

    The Heart of a Child by playwright Eric Lane


    Readings: La MaMa ETC, Westbeth, Orange Thoughts at New Dramatists
    A lyrical drama about three interconnected American families on the homefront during World War II. (Cast: 4F/4M)

    Blue Christmas


    Reading: 92nd St Y, discussion led by Horton Foote
    Starring Anne Pitoniak, J. Smith-Cameron
    A brother and sister travel to the Midwest to uncover secrets of their missing father. (Cast: 2F/1M)